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  • Books West Country Cakes & Assorted Fancies Book

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    Description: The West Country Cakes and Assorted Fancies recipe book by Geraldene Holt features plenty of delicious recipes from across Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset so that you can experience a journey across the West Country like no other. With plenty of classic cake recipes to rediscover (such as Cornish Splits, Saffron Cake and Custard tarts) and lots of fascinating history to learn about, you are sure to find a recipe or two to add to your own collection. Geraldine Holt has blended her meticulous baking skills with her personal West Country knowledge to bring you an enticing and beguiling selection of recipes to share with those you love. Hard Back, Author - Geraldene Holt, Illustrated by Rebecca Cobb,. Books West Country Cakes & Assorted Fancies Book - shop the best deal online on

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