About us

I created giftbliss.co.uk in September 2008 as a result of spending hours searching through the plethora of gift websites around nowadays.  I knew what I wanted but I did not want to spend so much time having to search for the best price.  All of which lead to giftbliss.co.uk being created, which I still use for birthdays and christmas to this very day.

I have thousands of products listed from many different retailers which I have tried to group together for the ease and convenience of my visitors.  These products are updated frequently and I will always try to make sure I have seasonal and occasional gifts listed.

I sincerely hope that giftbliss.co.uk will prove to be as much of a help to all my visitors as it has been to me over the years, it should save you lots of time and allow you to find the best price for the ideal gift you're looking for.

Legal stuff

The current eCommerce laws, rules and regulations stipulate that a clear explanation is provided as to how monetised web sites work and what earnings are made.  In short, some companies might pay commission on sales that a website encourages, some companies do not, or sponsorship may be sought. CLICK HERE to read about how blogs, funding, advertising, publishing and the financial side of these things can work.