Personalised glasses

Raising a Glass to Personal Gift Giving

Everyone likes a tipple every now and then, whether it’s wine, whiskey, beer or even champagne! In fact there can be no better way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, wedding, Christening or any other special time than to raise a glass and toast everyone’s good health. It’s part of our tradition and culture and is a great way to celebrate with friends and family.

Now you can bring an extra dimension to the tradition of toasts with personalised glasses that they will treasure forever.

Let’s face it, a bottle of wine or aged whiskey is a great gift idea but it is a little impersonal. You can walk into any supermarket yourself and buy the exact same bottle, so how can you make your gift more unique and more meaningful to the recipient? Well you can combine the gift with a specially selected set of personalised glasses which will remain long after the bottle has been emptied!

What’s even better is that your gift will say more. It can come engraved with their name, the special date, the occasion and even a little message of your own that will stay perfected etched into a high quality glass. That alone speaks volumes about what that person means to you.

Personalised champagne flutes for example make a great wedding gift and will also be an appropriate way for the happy couple to mark every anniversary of their big day, with a champagne toast out of their very own glasses.

They also make great gifts to remember for milestone birthdays. For an 18th or 21st birthday a personalised shot glass will go down a treat! For the older and wiser generation, there are plenty of engraved whiskey glasses to toast their good health and many more years to come.

You can even make the gift more personal by pairing it up with a bottle of their favourite tipple! Such a gift ensures that they remember the occasion yearly and as they get out what will become their favourite glass, they will also remember the person who gave the gift – you! Now that’s surely something worth raising a glass to!

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