Valentine's gifts

Valentine's Gift Ideas for Both Men & Women

Valentine's day is a truly unique holiday that celebrates that most wondrous of things. The pressure to choose the right gift can be overwhelming especially in newer relationships as so much meaning, interpretation and significance can be placed upon what is given. Offering a bunch of flowers might lead to disappointment while a fabulous necklace might appear too keen. And what if you give something cheap and cheerful while you receive an expensive and luxury item? It's not an easy holiday to shop for but there are some ideas for special gifts that should cover all the bases no matter what the budget or nature of the romantic relationship.

For a very new relationship, why not try taking the risk away from giving too much or too little by arranging an activity? Something romantic like a horse ride or even a picnic in the park can be really meaningful and cute without overdoing it. Even fun activities can be a good idea like paintballing, a spa session, zip lining or even a surfing lesson. Bonding over a shared experience and having fun will create memories that will be cherished if the relationship survives the long haul.

If a meaningful object is more to your taste then you cannot go wrong with jewellery for a lady. If you know what she likes and what her style is, opt for a classic, timeless piece that suits her look and that will stand the test of time. Think sophisticated and standard designs of very high quality rather than a statement piece that she could easily dislike or that could go out of fashion quickly. For guys, the equivalent to this is perhaps a watch which can even be engraved at the back for more personalisation. These items are more expensive and can be quite precious, so are thus meaningful in their own ways.

For longer-term relationships that have stood the test of time, a sentimental gift from Keep It Personal could take the form of a photo from your first few months together - blown up and framed for you both to laugh and cry at. Or what about a return to the destination of your first trip away together or even your first date? Even just returning to a memory-laden old restaurant or venue could easily be a meaningful and much appreciated gift.