Christening gifts

Christening Gifts - Both Intimate and Casual
When a baby is born into a Christian home, there will often be a christening or baptism ceremony where the baby is given a formal name.  Family and friends gather and often bring gifts to this once in a lifetime occasion.  While there are many options for christening gifts, rather than just buying a little outfit that the baby will quickly outgrow, you may want something that is a little more personalised to show how much you care.

Gifts are Traditional
Although christening gifts are not necessary, it is a tradition that upon the christening of a child gifts be given in order to wish the baby well and to give the child a better promise for the future.  A christening gift is usually much more personal than being just the latest toy that you might give a child on a holiday.  It often has sentimental value or follows a family tradition.  Depending on how close you are to the family, you may want a gift that is more or less personal.

Personal Gifts
If you are particularly close to the family, you want to find a unique gift that will not only benefit the baby but that will reflect your personality as well.  For instance, you may want to give a personalised Money box that will not only look beautiful in the child's room, but is a way to set up future gifts you may wish to give the child.  You can designate it as a college fund and donate to it regularly as the child grows.  Perhaps you want to give personalise cutlery that has been engraved with the child's name or a plate or mug that includes the child's name and date of the christening.

Religious Gifts
If the family is more religious, the christening is a strong symbol of dedicating the child to God.  There are many religious gifts that can be given for this occasion.  A personalised Christening candle is a religious memento that can be a lovely keepsake that will remind the child of that special day.  Other religious gifts that can be personalised include a bible or a keepsake box with a simple cross on it that special mementos can be kept in. One of the most popular types of personalised religious gifts is religious jewelry such as a rosary or a locket.  Jewelry is often given as a christening gift but designed for the child to wear when he or she is older.

Gifts from Casual Friends
If you are a friend or co-worker of a family member and want to give a gift that is less intimate, there are many beautiful gifts you could choose from.  Photo albums and photo frames make wonderful christening gifts as do teddy bears or other toys that include symbols of the cross or the word "christening" on them.  Some can also be personalised.

Christening gifts come in many varieties and in all price ranges.  The important thing to remember is that you want to wish the baby a beautiful beginning to life and show them how much you care.  By thinking about your relationship with the family, you will be able to select the perfect gift.