Christmas Gadget Guide

Gadgets often feature high up on Christmas gift lists and if you want to get a little inspiration before you start shopping this year why not use this quick overview to help guide you in your retail endeavours.

Nintendo 3DS The Nintendo 3DS is certainly going to make a splash this Christmas because a recent drop in the price has made it much more affordable than when it launched earlier in a year. Meanwhile new adopters can take advantage of a much expanded library of games. The 3DS retains the dual screen setup of its predecessor but adds in glasses-free stereoscopic 3D effects which you can adjust on the fly using a built-in slider next to the primary display. Augmented reality gaming, online multiplayer over Wi-Fi and downloadable titles make the Nintendo 3DS a sought-after gadget.

Amazon Kindle 4 Paperback sales have been eclipsed by eBook purchases via online retailer Amazon and its latest version of the Kindle eBook reader is probably going to perpetuate this trend as it is the most value-oriented edition to date. Unlike the more costly iterations it lacks a QWERTY keypad but you can still store thousands of novels on it and then take it with you on holiday or on the daily commute. You can download extra books straight to the Kindle 4 thanks to onboard Wi-Fi connectivity and the e-Ink display is easy to view without straining your eyes because it relies on natural light rather than its own backlight to stay legible.

HTC Titan The first phone to arrive with Windows Phone 7.5 Mango installed as standard, this is a smartphone that can really show off Microsoft`s mobile operating system in the best possible light. It has a 4.7 inch screen which is over an inch larger than that found on the iPhone 4S and it also has an eight megapixel camera plus dual LED flash to ensure that videos and photos look excellent regardless of the ambient lighting conditions. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are sewn into the fabric of the Windows Phone software so if you like sharing and keeping up to date with friends then this is the smartphone for you.

Sony Tablet S If you want an Android-based alternative to the Apple iPad 2 then the Sony Tablet S might fit the bill. It has a 10 inch display and was recently endowed with access to the PlayStation Store, allowing users to download an exclusive selection of classic games from Sony`s console back-catalogue. A dual core processor and the intuitive Android 3.0 interface tweaked by Sony`s designers ensure that the Tablet S is a refreshing device in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

There are a host of other great gadgets available this festive season, along with vital accessories such as swivel TV wall mounts, headphones, chargers and replacement batteries, so ensure that you have bought all the bits you need before the big day.