Tips for choosing wedding gifts

Being invited to attend a wedding is an honour. It shows that your are a valued member of the bride and grooms family, or regarded as an important and cherished close friend. Whilst the day is ultimately all about the bride and groom, being a wedding guest comes with its fair share of responsibilities. You must dress appropriately, behave impeccably and ensure you have purchased a suitable wedding gift.

If you are lucky, then the bride and groom will have made a wedding gift list. Comprised of items they like and want, usually from their favourite shop, so there is no need for you to suffer a headache - you simply have to hope there is something on it that is within budget!

However, if they have not comprised a gift list then you have to look for other options and choose a gift for them yourself.

If you are looking for some tips as to where to start when purchasing wedding gifts, then a good place to begin is with the most popular gifts of the moment.

1) Cash. Lets be honest, weddings are very expensive and starting off married life you usually need all the help you can get. Although giving money can seem a little impersonal, there are ways to overcome this. You could purchase a small token gift - such as a picture frame, book, or personalised mug/glass set - and attach your cash/cheque to that.

2) Upgrade their honeymoon. If you know where they are going, you could pay for an upgrade to their room, or have a special dinner or drinks thrown into their package.

3) Something for the future. Buy them wine or champagne or scotch, intended to age, with a note attached saying "drink me on your fifth anniversary".

4) A piece of art. If you know their favourite artist, or you know what style they like, then buy them something they can cherish for years to come. Ensure your gift will be appreciated and loved (remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder).

5) Kitchen appliances. It`s a cliché, but if they are just moving in together they will need a microwave, juicer, blender, etc.

6) Experience gifts. Ever growing in popularity buy a voucher for a hot air balloon ride, a day paint balling or a trip for two to a spa.

7) Gift Vouchers. Almost as popular as cash - choose the shops carefully though. Remember, you can even get yourself some free money when you shop on line and earn yourself cash back in the process!

8) Satellite/Newspaper/Magazine Subscription. Paying for a years worth of something they will use will be much appreciated!

9) A meal for two. Pay for them to have a night out in the future, a great way to encourage young love to keep blossoming!

10) On a Budget? Try 'thoughtful' presents. Offer your skills - can you paint, or do DIY for them? Make them a book of babysitting vouchers, redeemable when they require.