Top Gifts for 2009


Often, the key to choosing a perfect gift - whether it be for your spouse, partner, another member of your family, or a friend - is choosing something that the recipient would not have chosen for themselves. This is not always true, of course. Some people have a "wish list" of items that they would like to receive, regardless of whether they would buy them themselves or not. However, in most cases, an element of surprise - combined, of course, with a gift that is clever, or funny, or both - can make the giving, as well as the receiving, of a gift all the more satisfying. Thankfully, there are so many gift ideas, from the traditional to the latest, funky gadget, that you really are spoilt for choice.

Top 5 Gifts for 2009

Perfume may be traditional, low tech gift for her, but it is still hugely popular and usually well received. It helps, of course, if you known the fragrance preferences of the lady in question - in which case you might like to think about continuing the theme in a body lotion, or other similar products - but, even if you don't, a variety of perfumes, in miniature, can allow here to select the right perfume for the right occasion. In fact, some online perfume retailers allow you to compare and contrast perfumes, side-by-side, so that you can choose those that you think are appropriate.

Similarly, if you're buying a gift for a very young child, you may be thinking about building blocks as a "green" and thoughtful gift. The unfortunate fact remains, however, that many wooden toys - building blocks included - undergo so much processing that they may as well be plastic. So-called tree blocks, on the other hand, are cut by hand from reclaimed apple, cherry or elder branches - off cuts from trees planted by the paper industry - so not only are they completely "green", but each set is uniquely different, and just the thing for an enquiring young mind.

There is, of course, any number of high tech gadgets - for him, for her and for all the family - that make perfect gifts. The Nintendo Wii games console, for example, features up to four Bluetooth® wireless controllers, which can be used as tennis rackets, steering wheels, firearms, etc., to get the whole family on its feet, and involved in intuitive, immersive gameplay. For real drivers, how about a gadget that allows mobile phone calls and music to be streamed, using Bluetooth® and an FM transmitter, directly to a car audio system, or for iPod users who drive and may, from time to time, may find themselves in a nightclub, or similar environment, an iPod Breathalyser, which reports their blood alcohol level.

Thankfully, there are numerous comparison websites which allow you to compare prices, read reviews, etc. of your chosen gift items(s) side-by-side - not unlike insurance, utility or broadband comparison websites - so you can make sure you buy the right gift, at the right price.