Saloon Car High Speed Passenger Ride


    Brand: Experience Days

    Price: £25.00


    Description: Driving Experience Days: Ever wanted to experience the full potential of a powerful. Vauxhall VXR? Well now you can with the High Speed Passenger Ride. experience, available at a number of top tracks across the UK. Prepare for the ride of your life as you sit back and let the. expert driver zoom around the circuit, showing off just what these. cars are capable of!. Your high speed experience begins on arrival at the track of. your choice, where you'll register for the session, and meet the. driver who will be taking control of the car. Once you're strapped. in, it's acceleration time! Feel the power of the engine and the. supreme handling as you take corners at top speeds, and absolutely. fly down the straights. Not driving the car yourself means you can. truly appreciate the thrill of the ride, and with an expert driver. at your side you know you're in safe hands. After three. unforgettable miles you'll screech to a halt, and be presented with. a individual experience certificate to commemorate the day. A fantastic adrenaline gift for motor enthusiasts, or for those. who enjoy the thrill of driving but do not possess a licence, the. Saloon Car High Speed Passenger Ride experience makes a brilliant. track day out.

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